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February 19thClosing date for the receipt of applications
February 20th & 21stPreliminary Judging of ALL Applications received
February 24thParticipants informed of their place on the programme
March 4thDay 1 of Programme


  • Please Note: Successful applicants MUST attend ALL training dates. So before applying please make sure you are available to participate on of the following dates. DON’T apply unless you are ready to commit to weekly training and HOMEWORK, there is HUGE time commitment required. (Wednesday’s from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm).

Cycle 11 Dates 2020

Week 1Wednesday 4th MarchWeek 8Wednesday 22nd April
Week 2Wednesday 11th MarchWeek 9Wednesday 29th April
Week 3Wednesday 18th MarchWeek 10Wednesday 6th May
Week 4Wednesday 25th MarchWeek 11Wednesday 13th May
Week 5Wednesday 1st AprilWeek 12Wednesday 20th May
Week 6Wednesday 8th AprilWeek 13Wednesday 27th May - Finalé
Week 7Wednesday 15th April