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has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you have any queries on this please contact:  Buy Green Xanax Bars Online


Awarded “Internationally recognised Best Practise in Women’s Entrepreneurship

by the European Training Foundation

Female High Fliers is an accelerator programme for Ireland’s best early stage start-ups, specifically addressing the challenges facing female entrepreneurs. The programme will fast track your business development and leadership skills. Your journey of business growth starts with us.

Are you looking for a tailored programme that understands the particular needs and challenges facing your startup? Do you want to propel your business on the fast track to profit and scalability? Could your business learn important lessons by being part of a supportive group of like-minded female founders?

The Academy has fine-tuned the Female High Fliers programme again in 2020. With the continued support of Enterprise Ireland, we are offering an even more focused opportunity for startups to accelerate to the next level. As well as receiving the usual top-flight tools, support and guidance – for which the Academy is renowned – this special programme has also been constructed with the unique challenges facing female run business in mind.

Your business development and personal growth will be accelerated1. Female founders & co-founders of start-ups which are less than 5 years old.
Access to peer start up founder network2. Individuals and teams (max 3 people) may apply.
Access to the DCU Ryan Academy experienced entrepreneurs & investor network3. The company MUST be female led.
Weekly PRACTICAL workshops and training content4. Startup must show strong Growth Potential.
All workshop learning can be applied to your business immediately5. Must have strong Export Potential.
Critical challenges on your business plans and assumptions6. MUST have MVP developed and customers.
Exposure to our experience mentor panels(This accelerator has “NO EQUITY” implications)

Why Female Entrepreneurs? 

We understand the specific challenges facing female-led startups in Ireland today and recognise the huge under-supported opportunity they present.  Female led technology companies achieve a return on investment that is more than one-third GREATER than their male-run competitors.

On the Female High Fliers Programme, YOU will be taken on a 13 week journey of discovery – equipping you with the information, guidance and tools you need to turn your great idea into a profitable and scalable business. Throughout the programme you will be supported by expert business mentors as well as gaining access to the Academy’s unrivalled network of alumni and investors.

Each programme is designed to propel the startup towards an Academy Finalé Day where participants pitch to an invited panel of investors, corporates and mentors – all focused on attracting potential funding, future customers and possible partnerships. We are keen to hear from businesses in every market sector. The programme also creates powerful and long lasting relationships.

Meet the Founders

Over 116 Alumni female-led startups have graduated from the High Fliers from 2014 to date Alprazolam Orderingto see what businesses have participated in previous Cycles.


                 2014 to 2021 – Supported By:

Prescription Drugs Online Xanax

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