This Competitive Start Call is directed at mature and highly experienced business professionals with twenty-five years or more of relevant business experience in Ireland or abroad, of which at least 10 years should be at a senior or leadership level.

To apply for the fund, the experienced business professional should be intent on establishing and leading a start-up company incorporated in Ireland and active in manufacturing or internationally traded services.

In addition to the investment of €50k, successful applicants will participate in the Ingenuity Programme delivered by DCU Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurs.  This 12-week programme will run from February to May 2019 and is specifically designed for early stage companies that are led by experienced professionals.

This fund is open to early stage companies that meet the above criteria. These businesses should be active in manufacturing & internationally traded services, including the following subsectors: Internet, Games, Apps, Mobile, SaaS, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Software, Lifesciences, Food, Cleantech and Industrial Products.

Winner of the Best Innovative Pitch on the INGENUITY Programme Finalé:


Anne Lawlor, Founder, Journey Protector

“Journey Protector solves problems faced by haulage companies due to theft or damage of their load as well as issues associated with illegal stowaways entering the rear of vehicles. I researched the problem and realised that it was a big worldwide challenge, with a huge associated market.

The device and system which I have developed will protect drivers, haulage firms and their freight from loss or damage caused by clandestine stowaways – this will save time and money for our clients and give them a competitive advantage over their rivals. It’s a challenge which needs a company who can concentrate on providing a full-time solution, so we have become that company”. Click here to read more.

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