Startup Lighthouse is a new initiative supported byBuy Green Xanax Bars Online within the European Commission. We are now in our second year of the project. 2018 was a very busy year. We have held 4 Deep Dive Weeks (DDW) in Travel and Aviation Tech (Dublin), Blockchain (Vilnius), IoT (Berlin) and Analytics (Lisbon), 2 Europass events, attending Bits & Pretzels (Munich) and Web Summit (Lisbon), Among Investors in Lisbon and finally the Eastern Europe Market Discovery event in Minsk and Kiev.

2019 is set to be even busier as we undertake 4 more DDWs, 4 Europass events, Among Investors,  Eastern Europe Market Discovery event, 2018 Lighthouse Awards and 2019 Lighthouse Awards plus 3 scouting missions to New York, San Francisco and Tel Aviv.

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Core aspects of the project 

This project sets a standard on developing cross border connections within and beyond Europe. The project lights the way for startups within Europe by organising 8 Deep Dive Weeks in 4 ecosystems: Berlin, Dublin, Lisbon and the Baltics – meeting over 1600 different ecosystem players in specific themes such as fintech,  e-gov, IoT, etc – and culminating with a Top 10 Lighthouse Award in London each year. Lighthouse will support directly over 120 startups to meet key people (investors, corporates, technological experts, media, customers, talent, etc.) in each of these ecosystems through matchmaking, 1-on-1 mentoring, workshops and many other activities.

Furthermore, the best of the best of the selected startups will receive the chance to take part in our Europass programme – taking them to 8 of the biggest European tech events; as well as 1 week scouting missions to Silicon Valley, New York and Israel to accelerate their positioning as global players.

Lighthouse’s top-notch support activities prepare startups to take advantage of the opportunities in external markets as well as providing qualified introductions to key players in new ecosystems: which all contributes to increased market success.

In concrete expected impact, the project will help selected startups to obtain +2000 investment, partnership or customers leads, 500 new international customer leads, develop +100 adapted products/services to new markets, raise collective turnover by 50%, create +500 new jobs, raise +€50m in total investment and many more direct and serendipitous results.

Lighthouse does not happen in a vacuum – its structure enables perfect integration with all Startup Europe activities – especially within Deep Dive Weeks. This exploits synergies between Lighthouse, Startup Europe and all related stakeholders by pooling resources together – encouraging even more ecosystems to take part in its activities.


Main Activities

Deep Dive Weeks

2 x Baltics Deep Dive weeks, 15 startups participating per event.

2 x Germany Dive weeks, 15 startups participating per event. 

2 x Ireland Deep Dive weeks, 15 startups participating per event.  

2 x Portugal Deep Dive weeks, 15 startups participating per event.

Beyond Deep Dive Weeks

2 x Among Investors, Lisbon & London – will help to enlarge the investor network of the project.

6 x Europass – an opportunity for selected “high-value” startups from Deep Dive Weeks to attend top European tech events to meet with investors, mentors, partners and other startups.

2 x Startup Lighthouse Awards

Beyond EU

2 x Eastern Europe Market Discovery Mission (1 week)

1 x Scouting mission to New York (1 week, up to 10 startups);

1 x Scouting mission to Silicon Valley (1 week, up to 10 startups);

1 x Scouting mission to Tel Aviv (1 week, up to 10 startups);

1 x Soft-landing programmes (3 months soft-landing programmes for 3 best startups to support their scaling)